Health Insurance

So as of August 1st I will officially have health insurance again. I am so beyond excited and relieved. I need so badly to see several different doctors and finding out I was eligible for I am more then delighted and can’t wait to meet my new PCP and a new endocrinologist. This could be exactly what I need to start actually GETTING better. I am so happy and excited!!!

The leak…..

So there I was peacefully sleeping lost in a restful much needed slumber (which is a rare thing in the hospital),  when I suddenly felt wet. I opened my eyes, and to my absolute horror I woke up to my *ileostomy *appliance split into 2 pieces. If we are being technical then technically I have a 2 piece ileostomy  appliance, when PUT TOGETHER and on correctly it’s 1 piece (1 piece is the *flange that is adhered to your abdomen and  around the *stoma securing everything in place and the second is a bag that attaches to the flange. Congrats you just had your first lesson in having an ileostomy, Bravo!

I have never had an issue with leaking in the past although it’s one of my biggest fears. I have however had mishaps where I have dropped my bag when it was open and spilled, etc.. Well the wound care nurse who took care of me yesterday did a LOT of things differently then I do them (i.e.: putting lotion around the flange where the bag attaches, putting a smaller flange, putting on a ostomy belt, etc. I was thankful for all her tips and tricks. But for ME personal boy were they NOT good advice. Her tips and tricks unfortunately ended in a huge mess and headache for me.

The optimist in me is trying to find the positive out of this experience so after all of this I am now feeling even more confident the way I do things is the best way possible FOR ME, So far anyway. Everyone with an ostomy has their own ways of doing thigs; and I am no different and I am sure I will learn tips and tricks along the way. Which is what I thought I was experiencing yesterday. Unfortunately that did NOT turn out to be the case. I did however learn what NOT to do, and learning is good no matter what the lesson.

Back to my story the whole thing was a mess and of course my breakfast was digesting at the time so it took over an hour for me to get a new bag on all the while leaking every where. I began to cry from pure frustration and embarrassment. I was on my hands and knees trying to clean up ALL while trying to hold a towel over my stoma. It was overwhelming and awful and I can only pray that I never experience anything like that again. Although I realize that is unlikely I believe that hoping for the best and preparing for the worst is always my best bet.

I  realize in this post (and in everyday conversation/blogs) I have been using several words that many people may be  unfamiliar with, So I will put a dictation at the bottom explaining  all the words that have a “*” before them, and also provide pictures below that for anyone interested. This post is going to be short and sweet because my glasses really need to be updated and my vision is going to hell and it’s becoming difficult to read my writing however I really needed to vent about how crappy my day is going. PUN totally intended.

*Ileostomy – a surgical operation in which a piece of the ileum is diverted to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall where an opening so formed.

*Appliance – What they refer your waiter, flange, bag, etc. to.

*Flange – Two piece stoma bags have a separate adhesive (flange) with a raised collar over which the pouch is fitted. The flange can be kept on for 2 -3 days and the new pouches can be attached when necessary.

*Stoma – the part of your intestine that (typically) sticks out resembling a rose bud.

*Bag – Attaches to the the flange to catch the bodies waste.

Below I will post a illustration showing what the Ileostomy and stoma look like, and an actual picture of a Flange. Caution sensitive viewing material below viewer discretion advised……





Stoma and Flange                                             Ileostomy description


Notice the red rose bud in the middle of the flange (the square thing with the circle in the center) that is the stoma. The square thing is the flange.


Well thats it’s for me folks, I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and hope you have a great weekend. I will be praying to be able to go home soon because being stuck the hospital is not only lonely but causes me un needed stress and anxiety so hopefully I will be discharged soon!! TTFN



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I am so excited to finally start a blog for all the things I have going on in my life. I have SO many ideas and plans for this site, I feel like my brain is filled with ideas and I now have to find a way to express all these ideas and also be able to express myself pertaining my day to day life. I plan on posting products here for review, doing DIY projects and sharing my success’ and failures, reviewing beauty products, boxycharm unboxing, ipsy unboxing, My health (concerns, diagnosis, struggles) and daily life, Like I said my brain is spinning with ideas. Now I must find a way to put all of these things onto one website without being overwhelming or disheveled. I have so much to share and I look forward to being able to do that here, with you all. I hope you find this site to be entertaining, informative, and relatable. I am not only creating this site for myself but for you all as well, I hope this site will be helpful to you in every way, or atleast multiple ways. I am so looking forward to starting this journey with you. Now I am disabled and in the process of applying for disability. So I have no income at this time. I will be adding a GoFundMe account in order to raise enough money to purchase my own domain, purchasing products, Doing some DIY projects, and basically getting this off WordPress and onto its own two feet. This is my new baby and I find that there are many ways to make this blog grow into a full blown website. Hopefully you fall in love with this site right along with me, and then hopefully we can grow this baby into what I envision for the future of this blog.

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